Mr. White's talk about bukatsu


Mr. White's talk about bukatsu

Lesson 1

Bukatsu deprives, destroys their days, and depresses them



Bukatsu is Japan's unique school culture.

Bukatsu is a Japanese word meaning "club activities at school."

What do you imagine from the word "club activities?"

Perhaps you enjoy some activity with your friends for a short time, a few times a week at most.

However, Japan has a completely different, awful "school club systems."

Almost all of the high schools and junior high schools have school clubs affiliated to the school.

School clubs have two categories, sports and cultural activities.

...These are not strange facts. So far.



Mr. White's talk about bukatsu

Lesson 2


Amazing three facts of club activity in Japan



School clubs in Japan contain three surprising facts, compared to "(school) clubs" as you know.


1. Students are STRONGLY expected to join a club at school, sometimes compulsory.

2. Teachers working at school are also to coach all the clubs at school. 

3. Many of the clubs have activities/trainings more than 5 days a week, even on Sats&Suns.


Are you surprised?  ...If so, not enough.  Let's see more details.



Mr. White's talk about bukatsu

Lesson 3


In the Name of the School



Most of the teenagers' sports activities are based on school teams.

Of course, there are quite a few sport clubs and teams outside schools.

Most of the students, however, prefer their school teams/clubs. Why?

There are two reasons. One is an economical reason. You don't have to pay extra fees for school club activities. But this is  just a minor one.

The second reason, which is indispensable for you to talk about bukatsu, or school clubs,  is that Japan's junior and senior high school students, and their parents, strongly desire to "compete in the name of school and try for championships of the category".

It will be difficult for people outside Japan to understand this belief.



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