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(20s   Teacher's family)2017


 After 9pm, the father of a club member made a call to my husband's cell phone. "Hey, I'm speaking!" and loud voices, screaming, roaring. Beside him, I got surprised because I almost heard them. The father was complaing about the trouble between his son and other members. On holidays, when games are scheduled, my husband's cell phones begins ringing after 6am.  I am really disgusted from early morning with out two-year-old dauger still sleeping at that time.


 My husband is charge of both a school class and the baseball club of the school. He leaves home at 6am from Mon to Fri. He wants to spare even a short time with our daughter at night before she goes to bed, so he does his own tasks very early, and coaches the club's morning session, and give lessons during school time, and coaches the club again after school, and does his own tasks again, and gets home. Even after getting home, he still continue to answer phone calls, from parents of his class or the club, from other teams' coaches, from travel agencies arranging team tours, from OBs of the club, from chief of the club's parents' association, and so on.  Sometimes he almost falls asleep, and the bell rings, he wakes up to answer. He says, "If I should skip a call and something bad should happen as a result, I would deadly regret it." So he let these people know his own cell phone number, although it is very strange.


 After such exhausting weekdays, he also leaves home at 6am even on Saturdays and Sundays, for practice games of his team. When a game takes place far away, he sometimes leaves before 6am. Sometimes it takes two hours to reach the field. During vacations, he often leaves us at home for several nights for training camps or team tours. While a tournament is held, the team inevitably has games on holidays. To make matters worse, he cannot get compensatory days-off. On holidays, he gets home about 5pm the earliest, and 10pm the latest when the team has a day tour.  The serious problem is he spends much longer time with his team students than with our child.


 When our daughter had her first sports festival at nursery, he couldn’t come because of the team tour. Even when I was expecting our second child and felt sick, having a cold, with our daughter suffering from HFMD, he had left for coaching the team! He could not ask anybody for help the team. Before we got married, we had already expected he, a school teacher, would be very busy, so we had no trouble. However, when we had a child and became parents, I found he was hardly involved in the family. “You are a father more than a coach.” I would like him to make much of our daughter and the family, at least while she was very young.


 While I was tired from our raising child, he was also getting exhausted from hard work and unreasonable complaints by parents of the team members. He finally suffered from insomnia and said to me, “I have no choice to support the team, so don’t blame me for anything else!” Yes, you are right. It was not my husband but the school club systems that are doing harm us. I should not blame him. I want no quarrel with him. All I want is the delightful family time we spend together.

Although he had little time spend at home, in spite of fatigue, he loves to the nighttime to spend with our daughter until she goes bed. She also loves her father. As soon as she gets up every moring, she goes to his empty bed and says, “Where’s dad?” (Of course he has already left home.) I really hope he has more time to spend with her. I want to raise our daughter with him while she is very young.


 Our second child is coming, and I am very worried about the “too big and heavy” school club systems, which deprive us of our family time. So we strongly hope the whole school systems improve so that teachers can enjoy their holidays and family lives by the time our children go on to school.


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