(Kinki 50s A parent of junior high school teacher)2017


   My son is a school teacher, on his second year, and I have worked for a company for 35 years.  I have been working hard since I was young, and my son is a hardworking person, too. Now he lives by himself.


  Although I seem to care him too much, I make him call me every day. From his talk, I have found how much teachers are exploited.


  He is not in charge of any homeroom class, but he is forced to deal with many problems concerning students.  Their parents seems to blame for the problems. For example, he is sent to parents who will not pay for school lunches. He is forced to attend the PTA party, to account their money, even to advance some money.  Although the school has some office staff, why my son, a teacher, must take these tasks?


 I am really angry at this.


   It is impossible for him to make a good school environment. Actually, he always gets home about 10pm, sometimes around 11pm.


  Furthermore, bukatsu, or the school volleyball club,  has been exploiting, too. He has almost no experience of playing volleyball. Why is such an inexperienced teacher as him left to the volleyball club? He is just watching the students play for two hours everyday. If you were in his position, could you bear it?


  These problems are not exclusive to us, but have been happening in almost all schools in this country. I sincerely hope that educational authorities will establish proper environments for teachers to support students.


Please let us know your impressions.


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