As a Wife of School Sport Club Instructor --Before Giving Birth-- 


(A wife of junior high school club instructor)2017


My husband is a junior high school teacher, and a bukatsu, or school sport club, instructor.


He gets home about 9pm. Exhausted, he just eats dinner and goes to bed.


Of course he must instruct the club on Saturdays and Sundays.


If a club practice finishes before noon, he stays in school till night  to do his work he could not do on weekdays.


Even when he has no club practice on Saturday or Sunday, he must sacrifice the off to referee a game somewhere.


He's had no off in a month.


We have little time to talk with each other.




I am expecting my baby.


However, my husband has just one day off during the holidays, and must leave home for instructing on the other holidays.


He cannot stay with me even before and after I have our baby, which makes me sad.


I suppose he has no choice to accept the club schedule.


'All the sport clubs at school practice hard' or 'If we have another day off, rival teams practice and play better' such peer pressures may drive him into instructing the club day by day.




I am sure he loves our child and becomes a good father.


However, the school club has been depriving us of the time when we care and talk about our baby together.


I am looking forward to having our baby soon, but on the other hand, I feel worried about his rarely staying home.


He has been exhausted both physically andmentally, and I am also mentally unstable.


It is quite strange that teachers, whose job is educating the young, cannot attend their own children.


I wish he could have a day off on Saturday or Sunday so that he could care our baby.


The government should establish a rule to ensure offs.




Return my husband to home! Many families of teachers are certain to have the same opinion.


I really want to solve these bukatsu, or school clubs, problems so that all teachers and their families can have happy days.


Please let us know your impressions.


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