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Many teachers in Japan, who are being exploited for bukatsu (instructing school clubs), make their despairing voices: suspicions for bukatsu escalating and depriving holidays, negotiations with Principals for rejecting requests to be a komon (school club instructor), anxiety that bukatsu may deprive them of the time for everything else.  'Should we be here at school for teaching students in class?' In reality, however, bukatsu is depriving them of time and money, and is harming them mentally.

While teachers are sacrificing their holidays for bukatsu, their families are also suffering deeply. Is it desirable that the teachers spend far more time on Saturdays& Sundays with the students of the club than their own children? The teachers' parents are also worried about them getting exhausted both physically and mentally.

Parents, whose children are crammed with bukatsu through the year, also suspect that bukatsu may do harm them. Forcing students to join school clubs is violating their human rights, as well as forcing teachers to become a komon (school club instructor). Do you know that some of PTA membership fees you are evenly required to pay is being diverted to the expenses of bukatsu?

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We sincerely welcome your opinions, advice. 

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