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教働='KYODO' is the original word of our own, consisting of 'KYO' or 'teach' and 'DO' or 'work.'

The word 'Kyodo' represents our mission is collecting columns concerning 'TEACHers' WORKstyle' and sharing them with as many people as possible.

Also, we put the notion of 'cooperation,' another meaning of 'kyodo' into our activities.


This site is run voluntarily by those who feel doubt about the way teachers work.



 Kyodo Columns: Teachers, their families or partners, who had met each other on Twitter, worked together and built up.


 Fortunately, we've got relieved to share with each other how harsh teachers' workstyles are, mainly due to BUKATSU. However, there are still many, many teachers throughout Japan who are suffering from a pile of workload alone.


 We believe that this site can lessen the sufferings of teachers, their families, students, and their parents, by collecting their sufferings as columns and sharing them.



 While it may take a long time to make some changes, sufferings are continuously piling up.

We hope the sufferings will be recognized by as many people as possible.

KYODO columns  2017.4


Yuri Kudo  Mr.White  Ayame Sasaki


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